I discovered yoga in the wilderness of Wyoming in 2008, and completed my 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2016. I teach vinyasa flow, yin, and restorative yoga because each style has offered something uniquely helpful in my own practice. In addition to its physical benefits, I firmly believe a regular yoga practice offers a path to deeper understanding and compassion for oneself, others, and the natural world we inhabit.

I have been educated and inspired by Applied Psychology for Yogis, Sarah Powers, Bernie Clark, Jen Wilking, and Cole Schlam.

For more details about my experience, see my yoga resume here.



Public Class Schedule


6:30pm | Yin Yoga (75 min) at Movement Counseling and Wellness

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4:00pm | Restorative yoga (60 min) at Denver Bouldering Club South



Monthly | Yin/Meditation (90 min) at Movement Counseling and Wellness

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Private and Corporate Yoga

I am available for private, corporate, and group yoga instruction upon request. Please contact me for more information.


Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow classes link breath and movement. Classes begin with a centering practice and easy movements to warm the body, often incorporating Sun Salutations. The remaining time is spent moving the body through a series of well-connected asanas, or poses, to target specific physical or energetic areas. Each class is unique and tailored to the students in the room.

My flow classes emphasize mindfulness and alignment through slow, heat building flow.

Yin Yoga

Through yin yoga students explore a deeper meditative space and work to cultivate awareness within their bodies. Most poses are seated or reclined, and each is held for several minutes, supported by blankets, blocks, and bolsters. This class is appropriate for all levels.

While this practice may seem easier than a sweaty flow class, it challenges students to sit with discomfort (never pain!) and to connect with deeper tissues in the body.

For more information about this practice visit Bernie Clark's website www.yinyoga.com

Restorative Yoga

In a world of constant stimuli and stress, a restorative practice aims to completely relax the physical body using props like blankets, bolsters, and blocks. 

Over time our bodies learn how to drop into a state of rest more easily, and students learn how to create a calmer, clearer mental space.